A Dark future, digital age and Quran explorer

The future is controversial. This is because we, as Muslims can hope for the betterment and good future. But the things we see are really disappointing and very sad. Many Muslims are not on the right track. They pray only on Friday and spend time in utter meaninglessness. And this is the reason or future is controversial, confusing and stiff. But we must hope for the best. We need to read Quran, utilize time in Quran explorer and we have to make Dua to Allah for help and salvation.

What do we need to do to ensure a bright future?

We need to remember that only Allah can see our future and Allah can decide is is best for us. We can try and make supplication for better future. We should try to invest our prime time for the hereafter. Reading the Quran every day, understanding the meaning it Quran, listening to the beautiful recitation of Quran and attending lectures of the scholars will help us become good. We need motivation to do the best we can.

We tend to spend like extravagant. We buy this and that always but we are reluctant to give a portion to the poor and needy. We need to go through the Hadith to know about our beloved prophet and his followers. We will realize how they spent their life in the road of Allah and how they invested their time forgetting this Duniya.

This world is just for a small period of time. We all must go to Allah and meet Allah. We all have to stand before Allah in the day of Judgment.

The future might look dull, controversial and black but we can be in peace by submitting our will to Allah. We should read Quran. We have Quran explorer, Hadith Software, reciters and many other important and beautiful things by which we can boost our knowledge on Islam and achieve salvation Inshallah.

Luxury duvet covers

Nothing can beat luxury duvet covers when it comes to make your bedroom look elegant. These covers add instant freshness to your bedroom. As duvets are the first thing anyone notices about your bedroom, it is really important to make that look spectacular.

Special attention is needed

These special cover need special attention. They need to be handled with patience, washed with care and stored with love. As these are expensive, the maintenance of these covers are somewhat different than those of ordinary duvet covers.

Although different, maintenance of luxury duvet covers are not tough at all. If you wish, you can easily maintain those precious pieces very well.

Few steps for maintaining these covers

At first, you have to make sure that you are not ending up with a single duvet cover in your hand. They key secret to glorious duvet cover is- you have to arrange a fat inventory of these covers. As these duvet covers are expensive, it is better to buy wholesale duvet covers rather than buying in retail.

You need to change your cover every now and then to ensure that neither of your precious pieces are getting too much stressed. This change secures their natural glow and helps them last longer. So keep on rotating to see the change.

Expensive duvet covers come in a massive variety of fabric. You must point out the type of fabric exactly. Because it is mandatory to know about the fabric before washing them.

Some of the fabrics are easily washable and some are not. So you have to know about the fabric to decide whether washing machine alone can do the job or the covers need to be dry-cleaned.

Examine the tag of your luxury duvet to make sure if they need any special care. Some tags mention about handling issues. For proper guidance, everyone should read and understand the tag appropriately.

Hanging these covers in the sun for several hours will help them breathe in fresh air. This will remove any kind of bad odor they have. The natural airflow will make them smell better too.

Before hanging those luxury duvet covers in the sun, you have to make sure that the heat is not too much to burn the color. Direct sunlight often makes fabric discolor. So place you covers somewhere with an optimal heat.

Follow these steps from now on and see how your duvet covers shine forever.

Hankook Triumphs at the BMW SUV Fitment Opportunity

Hankook has recently cracked the SUV OEM fitment deal with the automobile giant – BMW. Its SUV version of latest Ventus S1 evo2 UHP tyres will be fitted as original equipment on the third-gen SUV variant of BMW X5.

Hankook Triumphs at the BMW SUV Fitment Opportunity

Hankook Signs Yet another Pact with BMW

Hankook’s Ventus S1 evo2 UHP tyres were first launched earlier this year at the Specialty Equipment Market Association event held at Las Vegas. The tyre manufacturer says that subsequent to the success story of MINI and BMW’s 1, 3 and 5 ranges of models, X5 is now the fifth BMW variant to sport Hankook tyres as OEM fitment.


The said agreement is the latest in the series of OE deals signed between BMW and the leading Korean tyre manufacturer. Under this pact, Hankook will supply OE tyres, manufactured at its Hungarian site, for the most potent BMW to date. This will augment its repute as a premium tyre maker and the company plans to introduce the tyre to replacement markets next year, in spring.

The New SUV Ventus S1 evo²

Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. confirms developing an entirely new tyres online construction for Ventus S1 evo² SUV. The latest tyre will be designed to cater to drivers of dynamic vehicles seeking high-level sporty performance.

The tyre manufacturer stated at that on top of the priority list are tyre characteristics such as great suspension, high comfort, lesser noise and reduced rolling resistance. Hankook European Technical Center chief engineer based at Hanover in Germany, Klaus Krause, explained that their latest tyre design will optimally support the requirements of next-gen SUV automobiles designed for comfort and sporty appeal such as the latest BMW X5.  While doing so, it will also consider increasingly important factors of environmental excellence and fuel efficiency.

Design and Construction

The Ventus S1 evo2 SUV tyre will technically sport a multiple tread radius plus dual-layer rayon carcass design to maximise the contact patch in a variety of road conditions. The tyre has decent hydroplaning resistance and a fine balance between wet performance and dry running abilities. High speed safety and drive control will also be enhanced.

Also, the tyre will feature a DTM-derived triple-layer block pattern, with a “special staircase construction” for outer rib blocks. This innovative design will facilitate improved contact area as the tyre wears. This, in turn, will enhance traction performance during the tyre life span.

The silica compound of SUV version of Ventus S1 evo2 features cross-linking system to boost wet traction, thermal ageing resistance and wear characteristics. Tyre’s styrene polymer formula ensures better wet performance and reduced rolling resistance.

A sophisticated cooling system consisting of surface enlarging fins fitted at the tread grooves’ base and micro-turbulence generators anchored on the outer rim of shoulder block facilitate rapid heat dissipation. This results in better handling characteristics and high durability.

Additionally, an aerodynamically enhanced sidewall curbs tyre noise to enhance driving comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Hankook’s Ventus S1 evo2 for SUVs is another brilliant example of the company’s Kontrol Technology philosophy – a fine blend of technology, top–notch performance and enhanced safety.